Rules & Terms


1. Censor certificate is not mandatory for the festival.

2. All Films must have been released/produced between 1st January 2020 and July 31, 2023.

3. Duration:
a)Short films: maximum 50 minutes.
b) Feature films: 50 minutes and more.

4. Anybody can submit one or more than one entry. There is no limit to submission. One film can be entered into multiple categories. It is necessary to pay the entry fee for each category and each film, in case of multiple submissions.

5. All films must be subtitled in English.

6. All films should be without any watermarks and advertisements.

7. The winners get the Trophy, Cash Prize, Laurels & Digital certificates.

8. If the winner is not able to attend the festival in person, the festival organizers should be informed 15 days in advance. The Trophy and the Certificate will be shipped to the winner. However, the winner needs to pay the shipping charges.

9. All the winners, Nominees, & Official Selection will receive our official Digital certificates duly signed.

10. Entry fees are non-refundable.

11. We prefer a movie with a trailer so that we can share it along with the poster on our website & Social Media pages.

12. The applicant agrees to:
a) Have read and accepted the rules & regulations for participation in the festival.
b) Confirms that he/she has the requisite authority or has obtained the requisite authority from the producer/right holder to enter this film in the festival. Furthermore, the applicant declares to possess all rights to screen your movie.
c) Under NO circumstance, the authorities of Chennai World Cinema Festival entertain or be answerable to anyone else apart from the applicant.

13. Submitting the film, the applicant accepts we can share the trailer, pictures, and posters of the movie with our social page, website, and other media.

14. Most importantly, we do not grant waivers.

15. We will notify the applicants only if the movie is selected and share the official selection as well as the winner’s list on our website. We also send a notification only to the winners via email as well as through our web and social media pages.

16. We can withdraw at any time the selection or the award if these rules are not respected.

17. We don’t entertain any queries or are answerable about the selection. Our judges are free to decide if a movie is worthy to be selected or not.


19. We accept films released on YouTube, OTT, Theatre, TV, and any media.

20. In the case of co-productions, at least one of the producers/production companies must have the right to sanction the participation of the film in competition in the festival and authority to receive the award, if any, is won.

21. The decisions of the jury will be taken by a simple majority of the members present and voting. The jury can evolve its own rules for the assessment of the entries. The decision of jury members will be final and accepted by all no inquiries or arguments will be entertained.

22. No person in any way connected with the production or commercial exploitation of a competitive entry will be a member of the jury.

23. Films should be in Any Digital format.

24. Classroom and advertising films are not eligible for participation in any section.

25. Films not presenting sufficient technical qualities for good public screening can be refused after checking the DCP/Online Screener.

26. Award of Cash and Certificate.
(a) ‘Best Feature Film Award’ A Cash prize of INR 200,000/- to be shared equally between the Director and Producer.
(b) Director and Producer are to be given the Trophies and Certificates in addition to the cash component.
(c) ‘Best Short Film Award’ A Cash prize of INR100,000/- to be shared equally between the Director and Producer.
(d) Director and Producer are to be given the Trophies and Certificates in addition to the cash component.

27. The deadline for receiving applications and preview material is 31st July 2023

28. All selected films must be available for screening on,
a) DCP [preferred]
b) Pro Res [preferred]
c) Minimum 1920×1080 digital file Quicktime, MP4, AVI, H264

29. CWCF has no premiere or exclusivity rule, we also consider work that is already online.

30. Film-makers must include a brief synopsis of the film, the Director’s Filmography in no more than 150 words

31. Provide at least one high-resolution image (1920 x 1080 or higher) for the use of Chennai World Cinema Festival promotional brochures or publicity. You may send more than one image.

32. All entries must obtain the appropriate copyright clearances (i.e., music, archive footage, images, etc.). Failure to do so will result in the entry being disqualified from the competition.

33. All the Nominated films will be screened during the festival program.

34. A complete screening schedule of selected films shall be put up on the festival website and social media Pages.

36. All festival submissions are handled through FilmFreeway.

37. Films once selected and submitted for the final screening will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances, until the festival is over.

38. We accept YouTube links, Vimeo links, wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. for screener/pre-selection/preview.

39. CWCF does NOT CONSIDER films that require SCREENING/RENTAL FEES.

40. The Festival proposes to have a maximum of 5 screenings per film as per FIAPF Regulations for non-competitive festivals and competitive specialized festivals which allow for a maximum of 5 screenings per film.

41. The Festival Authorities will have the right to screen (maximum 5 screenings) in different cities of India on a non-commercial basis.

42. International World Cinema & International Short film Awards: Any film worldwide can participate in this category.

43. Indian World Cinema & Indian Short film Awards: Only Indian Filmmakers can participate in this category. The film’s director (s) or Producer(s) must be an Indian citizen.

44. Films may be entered by any organization, agency, Individual producer, or director.

45. You have to read the rules carefully and agree with them.